Incentive for your sugar free week :)

I wanted to give you a bit of incentive on your sugar free week.  And here it is my 12 year old son is going sugar free this week.  Actually he is doing more than that he is eating all fruits and vegetables with a few raw nuts.  This is my son who wouldn’t eat more than five things by the time he was 7, he still has a really tough time with more than one ingredient in food, and all veggies are raw.  (which is fine by me)  What happened was he started talking to me about living in the jungle when he grew up and living off the land.  He had recently come back from a trip to Costa Rica and was all about eating what was available ect.  I said that sounded great why don’t we start now?  Actually I said “really carb boy you are going to eat all fruits and vegetables?”  In a few short months this boy will be a teenager and be taller then me so my days are numbered. 🙂 So he took the challenge and is doing his first cleanse this week.

Day 1

Breakfast: strawberries and bananas

Lunch: apple, potatos, carrots

snack:  strawberry smoothie- strawberries, blueberries, bamboo leaf tea, grapes

cup of raw cashews


Dinner:  baked potato, raw broccoli

I realize he has a lot of fruit sugar in there but I am still proud of him for trying and wanting to follow through.  I also hope that he notices how he feels.  We talked about detoxing and how that can make you feel tired or angry.  That cleaning the body can feel not so good at the time but that getting rid of junk from your body is like cleaning your room not much fun but really necessary.   So it comes down to grace again.  Give yourself grace when doing any cleanse because none of them are easy.  And start with something small so that your success can lead you to something a bit bigger.  He made a list of fruit and vegetables that he wanted me to buy and he has come up with meals that he wants to eat.  So I hope to be empowering him to lead the way.  When he was younger I could control most of what he ate.  As he grows up he is really driving that train and I try to always remind him of the choice that no one ever offers “no thank you”.

Here are a few more tips for cutting out sugar:

1)  apple cider vinegar:  You can drink it straight or put it on a salad.  Braggs is the most well know brand and they have a lot of information at their website.  Among the many benefits of using apple cider vinegar is the immediate relief from sugar cravings.  It is something that my son has done first thing in the morning for a while.  He just drinks a few tablespoons after waking up.  This alkalizes the body and helps to remove toxins.  Many people swear by it for losing weight.

2) salad:  Get your favorite green salad or cabbage, add a few nuts or seeds (pumpkin or  hemp are great) then a bit of olive oil and some vinegar and a touch of sea salt.  By combining seeds or nuts with your salad you increase the benefits.  One and one do not always equal two in this case they equal 4.  Salads a yin foods like bamboo and sugar and so they fill that slot.  The oil and the salt balance it out.

3) snacks:  Make sure you have plenty of quickly prepared snacks because we all know that being hungry and out of time are the worst two things for your food choices.  kale chips, raw nuts, seaweed, popcorn, raw veggies like carrots and celery

4) watch the clock:  After 8 o’clock at night our bodies are ready to rest and so working means increased cravings.  Anyone who studied late nights at college knows pizza and sodas don’t make for the best body strategies.  If you need to work make a pot of tea to fill that void.  Bamboo Leaf Tea has soluble fiber so it will help you to feel full.  Another idea is brushing your teeth.  It just makes you think at least twice before you eat that cookie.

I hope you had a wonderful day and that you get lots of rest (BTW that is number 5),


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